Lecturing: Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Change & Development; Library & Information Management.

Post-employment counselling and coaching.


Facilitating service review and planning workshop.  

Not FOr Profit SECTOR - 2017/18

Pro-bono assistance in facilitating planning and review workshops for a start-up NFP group.

LOCAL Government - 2017, 2018

Process improvement in analysis & response to community feedback survey results.

Conducting team development workshops.  

Consultancy advice regarding review and restructuring of a regional library corporation.


Post-employment counselling and coaching.  Lecturing : Library & Information Management, Organisational Dynamics.


Evaluating pre and post project impacts on community groups - on behalf of VicRoads and Melbourne Water.


Working with a regional hospital to resolve conflict between the nursing staff and Hospital  management.  This work entailed a week-long on-the-ground engagement consulting with nursing staff: front-line, NUMs, ADONs, and DON in individual and small group meetings.

Higher Education - 2015/2016. 

Multiple services divisions in a large university which had recently undergone major and disruptive change - worked with three staff teams to facilitate moving from the installation to the implementation phase of change.  Using the Introduce the Elephant in the Room model, worked with Directors, Managers and Team Leaders in the divisions on understanding their reactions to the change which had occurred and focusing on their role as leaders in a time of change.


Working with a regional local government on a change project to merge several related but currently separate and specialised service divisions.   Primarily working with the Director to advise on change strategy and managing the dynamics of change with both the staff involved and community groups with an interest in the various services. 

Not for Profit sector - 2014.  

As part of a strategic review and planning exercise, worked with the whole staff team in this small NFP in the community services sector.  Group comprised Manager and all staff – operational client services and administrative.   Many staff have been with the organisation long term and some newly recruited.  Focus of the work was on understanding themselves as a team and shared envisioning of the organisations future – before moving into structured and detailed planning.

Higher education - 2014.  

Working with a combined Library and Information & Communication Technology Services group.   Variously worked with Executive Director, Deputy Directors and divisional managers.  Context:  forthcoming major change initiative.  Work focused on envisioning and planning actions towards the organisations desired future state and working with the middle management group to first understand their working styles as a team and then their roles in leading their teams through disruptive change.